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Enchanted Eternal Rose in Glass Dome

🌹What happens when the last petal falls? - Beauty & The Beast. This flower symbolizes more than love. It represents the perfect gift to...
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Eternal Rose Bear (Glass Dome)

🌹🧸 A unique gift, depicting a luxurious rose bear encased within a glass bell jar. 🌹🧸 Accompanying your significant other as they sleep, this bear...
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Handmade Rose Bear

🧸  The classic Rose Bear. Hand-made to make a big statement to fit the occasion. A great gift to leave on the table or...
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Korean 360 Rotating Jewelry Box & Cosmetic Storage Organizer

🌟This 360-degree rotating jewelry box is very delicate and has a small base for necklaces, rings, and earrings. Pieces are removable to fit any...
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from $72.90

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